AW4 Nifty Shifter Pro V1 (Discontinued)


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NOTE: This design is postponed for massive redesign, possibly in late 2020, just a placeholder for now. Check out the JR for current shifting solutions!

NOTE: This is currently a Bring-Your-Own-Shifter kit while I find a good joystick or switch setup to include as an option!


The Nifty Shifter V1 is a Passthrough Manual Shift Controller designed for the Jeep AW-4 Automatic Transmission. This Plug-and-Play controller goes between the factory wiring harness and Transmission Computer to give you Manual Control over the Transmission and shift any way you like!

When the device is in Auto mode your transmission will shift just as it normally would, allowing for a permanent and painless install, while manual mode allows full control with a multitude of shifter types! This controller has also been designed to keep that pesky Check Engine Light off 99% of the time too, so no worries about limp mode on the trail!

The provided breakout adapter allows you to wire up any kind of switch, button, joystick, or contact you wish for your controlling needs.

Inputs include:

– Gears 1, 2, 3, 4

– Torque Converter Lock Up

– Auto/Manual mode

Different Shift Modes include:

Manual Valve Body mode

– Uses the vehicles shifter to manually select gears (Requires working NSS)

– Minimal install required, Engine Braking available in every gear

Gearbox mode

– Uses separate gear inputs like a manual transmission

– Bulkier setup but gives fast, natural control

Sequential mode

– Uses upshift/downshift inputs like tiptronic or paddle shifters

– Compact design that is easier to install

Optional Screens:

– LED Seven Segment shows Current Gear and TC Lock

– OLED display shows Current Gear, TC Lock, and Mode

Notes about the AW-4 Transmission:

The AW-4 Auto Trans has 4 available gears to pick from with 4th being overdrive, as well as an electronically controlled Torque Converter Lock-up. Available Gears and Engine Braking are MECHANICALLY LIMITED and depends on the Factory Shifter Position.

When Engine Braking is not available, the engine will free spin like a bicycle if the transmission is spinning faster then it. This means you could shift into 1st on the highway and your engine would just sit at an idle, while revving it would never spin fast enough to push the transmission, just as shifting a mountain bike to 1st would require pedaling ridiculously fast to keep pushing the bike.

The Throttle Valve Cable connected to the Throttle Body controls shift pressure so the harder the pedal is pushed, the harder the transmission is shifted. Making sure this is properly adjusted will provide a better shifting experience.

Available Gear Map:

(Gears not listed are mechanically not possible to shift into)

– Drive = 1, 2, 3, 4

– 3rd = 1, 2, 3

– 1-2 = 1, 2

Engine Braking Map:

(Gears not listed will engine free spin when you let off the gas)

– Drive = 3, 4

– 3rd = 2, 3

– 1-2 = 1, 2

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2 in


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