R.E.M. II+ V5

Level Up, Professional Design achieved!

After the V4.1 hardware batch ran it’s course I quickly found the limitations of the previous designs and knew it was time to make the next big step, fully embedded hardware. This was going to be the most ambitious change yet as it required fully understanding every single bit needed to have my own professional circuitry design. 25 units were ordered for testing to see how it all worked out.

The biggest change by far was moving from pre-built arduino daughter boards to having the chipset and all required components embedded on my own board for faster assembly and unlocking the true potential of the hardware. The Voltage Regulator has had a major overhaul to a switching supply for almost no heat generation and much higher current capacity. Circuit protection and load distribution was greatly improved for a more robust design. A 3 Channel Relay Driver is included for fan control out of the box and a more versatile In/Out system for custom sensor reading.

New Features:
– Fully Embedded Main IC
– 2 Amp Switching Voltage Regulator
– Embedded RTC Time circuit with replaceable 2032 Battery
– LCD Backlight Drivers for maximum brightness
– Additional Circuit Protection on all Inputs
– Powerful 3 Channel Relay Driver built in
– In/Out now reads 12V in, 5V in, Resistance in, and Signal Out
– Easily select In/Out options with Dip Switches
– New Interior In/Out Jack for more sensitive readings
– On-Board Power LED, Battery Voltage In, and Temperature readings
– Beta Adapter DMM Capabilities for engine wiring diagnostics

Scan Tool Features:
– Renix Engine Monitor II+ is Plug & Play for 86-90 Renix equipped Jeeps
– Read Sensor, Outputs, and ECU Modes from 86-90 2.5L and 87-90 4.0L Engines
– Read Sensors, Outputs and Codes from 87-90 AW-4 Automatic Transmissions
– Provides a home-made Check Engine Light to alert about sensor faults or issues
– Advanced Diagnostic Tips and Live Graphing help to visualize how sensors are performing

Renduinix Software Features:
– Gauge Screen shows 4 user selectable readings in real-time
– Simultaneous ECU and TCU reading for convenient display
– Show Current and Average Fuel Economy with Tank Tracking
– Basic Trip Diagnostic Codes to alert of possible sensor issues
– Options for Unit Conversion, Display Speed, CEL Function, and much more

Extra Features:
– 3 Channel Relay Driver for manual Fan Control
– In/Out circuits allow reading in custom sensor and devices
– Signal Out capability allows basic engine tuning
– Micro SD card slot for future data logging
– Micro USB port to update device or data log

Optional Upgrades:
– Bluetooth Module sends live data to Android smartphones with XJBlueTalk app
– Gyroscope Module shows current vehicle Roll & Tilt for tricky trail rides (G’s and Compass not tested yet)
– In/Out Adapter port allows access to REM bonus circuits inside the engine bay
– New In/Out REM port for access to even more pins while inside the vehicle
– DMM Test Probe Adapter allows engine wire probing for Voltage, Resistance, and Signal Testing