R.E.M. + v3

Combining two scanners in one

After seeing how a more widespread market uncovered some glitches and downfalls in v2, it was time to improve and go bigger. 109 units were ordered to test the capabilities of a better arduino and some bonus hardware goodies.

The REM + v3 was an overhaul from the previous hardware sporting a Metro Mini for more Program Space and Serial capabilities, AW-4 TCU reading, an RTC module to display Time and Date, and the addition of resettable fuses for added protection. This board was jam packed and push that little arduino to it’s limits.

The Plus was used to signify the addition of being able to read the AW-4 Auto Trans Computer on top of keeping 4.0L ECU support and even reading them at the same time. The Diagnostic Adapters were also switched from a pigtail style to a circuit board based design to make assembly faster.

  • Features:
    – 87-90 4.0L M/T & A/T ECU Support
    – AW-4 TCU Support (Software Serial)
    – 16×2 RGB LCD
    – Check Engine Light
    – Auto Dimming Display
    – o2 Heater Relay reading
    – RTC clock module
    – Power and Jack breakout pins
    – Through-hole components
    – Fused Circuit Protection
    – Adafruit Metro Mini
    – PCB Diagnostic Adapters
    – Original Price: $81
  • Compatible Upgrades
    – 2.5L Support (Requires REM and Adapter mods)
  • Known Bugs
    – RTC header can possibly short 5v line to Blue LED Backlight which will quickly burn it out. Recommended to isolate the Backlight wires with cardboard to keep them separated.
    – Noisey vehicle ground can cause Data to be glitchy.
    – LCD is rarely known to lose sync and display garbage if the ground line has lots of electrical noise.

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