R.E.M. II v4

Evolution of a cybernetic power house

After realizing that the v3 hardware improvement just wasn’t cutting it, it was time to really step it up a notch with v4. This version is so powerful that I considered it worthy enough to earn the “2” title. 21 units were created to find any limitations in the new tech.

At the core of the REM II v4 is a PJRC Teensy 3.2 which uses a 72MHz Cortex-M4 and is vastly superior to the 16MHz Atmega328p chips used in stock Arduinos in almost every way. These bad boys spout 8x more program space, 3 separate Hardware UARTS for true dual or even tri data reading, and much better accuracy and speed. And with all this new room, 4.0L and 2.5L support can now be included together for reading on the fly!

On top of the major power transplate, I’ve also included a beefy external voltage regualtor to take the heat, an entire ground plane for better interference rejection, 3 free arduino pins are broken out to the jack pins for extra inputs and outputs, and the option to add a microSD card slot for data logging, a Bluetooth Module for Android App support, and a Gyroscope for tilt/roll and compass readings. The sky’s the limit with this much needed cybernetic boost!

  • Features:
    – 87-90 4.0L M/T & A/T ECU Support
    – 86-90 2.5L M/T & A/T ECU Support
    – AW-4 TCU Support
    – 16×2 RGB LCD
    – Check Engine Light
    – Auto Dimming Display
    – o2 Heater Relay reading
    – RTC clock module
    – Optional MicroSD Card Slot
    – Optional Bluetooth Module
    – Optional Gyroscope
    – Power and Jack breakout pins
    – 3 Arduino breakout pins for Inputs or Outputs
    – Surface Mount components
    – Fused Circuit Protection
    – PJRC Teensy 3.2
    – PCB Diagnostic Adapter w/ optional In/Out upgrade
    – Original Price: $99
  • Compatible Upgrades
    – Optional MicroSD Card Slot
    – Optional Bluetooth Module
    – Optional Gyroscope
    – Optional In/Out port and Relay Control for Adapter
  • Known Bugs
    – MicroSD Card Slot and Bluetooth Module can’t be mounted simultaneously due to a pcb footprint error
    – Due to a CPU clock division issue, Max CPU speed must be 48MHz for TCU to be read properly.
    – 2 of the Free Arduino Pins are AnalogRead only

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