If you’re looking for the Renix Engine Monitor then you’ve come to the right place!
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4/2/19 UPDATE: I’ve finally got an integrated webstore so check there for all the current goodies!

– Standard REMs are being assembled, expect shipment 2nd week in April!

– REM Clocks are in development and will hopefully have an early-mid 2019 release when I get the board and injection molded cases squared away.

РREM Jr idea will hopefully be developed in early-mid 2019, planned to be a more base model scan tool with a lower price and only the necessities. 

– Trinity Fan Controllers are good to go and in stock!

РTCU Buddy prototypes are in for Renix AND OBD1 Jeeps for transmission scanning needs.

– AW-4 Nifty Shifter prototypes are being developed for manually shifting Autos with any input imaginable! Expected launch for mid April.