If you’re looking for the Renix Engine Monitor (REM)
then you’ve come to the right place!

***** NOTICE: *****  

For the latest dev updates, I post weekly-ish on my Facebook business page so check it out!

***** Last Update: 8/16/22 **** 

Due to increased product demand and lack of parts availability, please allow at least 1 week for order processing of in-stock items.

Running a part-time business on the side with a multitude of day to day task piling up is tricky at best, so I appreciate for your patience and continued support while I try to pump out cool stuff!

***** Current Status: *****

  • Renix Engine Monitor (REM)
    • REM II+ V5.3 Square units are OUT Of STOCK!
      • Due to the global chip shortage, I’m unable to get the main brain chip needed to continue V5 production. Availability ETAs are pushing as far as 2024 so no estimated timeframe is currently available.
      • Depending on if I decide to split up currently hoarded part stock, I may design a revised V4 Square REM batch when time allows, no ETA yet.

    • REM II V4.3 Clock Panel units are available for Pre-Order.
      • A large batch of REM Clock Panels are currently being assembled and should be available for the next 12 months.
      • Assembly is slow so expect up to 2+ months of shipping delays in Pre-Order stage while the assembler gets units built and I print out needed cases.
  • Nifty Shifter JR (NS JR)
    • 96 down NS JR V1.3s are a LAST BUY ITEM.
      • I an unable to get 96 down factory TCU connectors anymore. When currently listed inventory is gone, that’s the end of it.
      • A home-brew connector would be required to continue production. The Plastic Shell can easily be 3D printed, but figuring out a good metal contact solution is beyond me right now.
      • A Splice-In version may be released at some point as a workaround, but dev work would need to go into how that system will work, and it loses the plug-and-play aspect at that point which is a bummer.
    • 97 up NS JR V1.3s are in-stock for the next 12 months.
  • Trinity Fan Controller (TFC)
    • V2.2 units are in stock for the next 6 months at least while stock remains.
    • Continued production after that depends if chips are available next year.
  • TCU Buddy prototype
    • These are probably a last-buy item while stock remains.
    • Available for Renix AND OBD1 Jeeps for transmission scanning needs. Prototype plug-and-play OBD1 adapter now available.