If you’re looking for the Renix Engine Monitor then you’ve come to the right place!
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Last Update: 10/10/20 

Due to increased shop activity, please allow around 1 week + for product shipment.

I’m having a difficult time staying on top of the multitude of day to day task so I’ll be trying to spread the load across a few helpers to get back on track. Thanks for your continued support!

Current Status:

  • REM II+ V5.3’s are IN STOCK!
    – I’ve downsized to a couple pre-configured REM options to simplify the ordering and assembly process, which seems to be working so far. 
    – REM Clock Panels are hopefully next on the design list, just need to clear up loose ends so I can buckle down and get to work on the revisions. Expect late 2020 at the earliest, so get a standard and trade-up later if you need an REM now! 
  •  Nifty Shifter JR V1.2s are back!
    – 96 down boards are loaded and ready to go.
    – 97 up boards are looking good as well.
    – V1.2 NS JR Gear Displays have landed with bug fixes and auto dimming!
    – Wiring Diagrams updated for hopefully easier installs!

    – Investigating possible solutions to occasional 98+ CEL performance codes for 97 up v1.2’s design, will need a test vehicle to properly experiment on though.
    – Ideas for a JR Sequential Backpack addon are being looked into for future expandability.


  • Trinity Fan Controllers stock is gone for now.
    – I’m going to take a short break on these to help focus towards other projects, but plan to bring another batch back in the next few months, this time prebuild to save a lot of headache. 
    – A TFC V3 Redesign may happen in late 2020/early 2021 as I look into updating some design quirks and flush out features.


  • TCU Buddy prototypes are in for Renix AND OBD1 Jeeps for transmission scanning needs. Prototype plug-and-play OBD1 adapter now available.

Current Dev Roadmap:

  • REM II + V5.3 Clock Panel development for the long awaited return of the factory style Renix Scan Tool. (Estimated to start work around late 2020)
  • REM II Software Updates to standardize program functionality and more integrated trip tracking gauges to latest gen scanners.
  • Trinity Fan Controller V3 refresh for updated microcontroller and standardising some setup quirks. Possible Integrated Relay adapter as for easier install. (Late 2020 depending on priority)
  • Nifty Shifter Pro V2 development for added functionality / modes, reliability improvements, and user adjustable settings on unit. (Estimated for work to begin early 2021 if the JR Backpack isn’t enough)
  • REM JR model prototype for low budget simple scanning needs. (This one’s more of a pipe dream, maybe 2021 or beyond)
  • REM compatibility with computer software like FenixViewer, XR25, Torque app, or even my own design if I learn a suitable multi-platform language. PC programmers willing to put some time into this are welcomed!