If you’re looking for the Renix Engine Monitor then you’ve come to the right place!
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Last Update: 7/26/21 

Due to increased shop activity, please allow around 1 week + for product shipment.

I’m having a difficult time staying on top of the multitude of day to day task so I’ll be trying to spread the load across a few helpers to get back on track. Thanks for your continued support!

Current Status:

  • REM II+ V5.3’s are OUT Of STOCK!
    – Due to the global chip shortage going on right now, I’m unable to get a hold of all the parts required to continue V5 production. I’m expecting to be out of stock for at least the rest of the year while we wait for things to smooth out.
    – In the meantime, I’m going to work on a V4 refresh that will use more off-the-shelf parts so I can have something available for now. Good news is that means the REM clock panels will be back soon enough.

  •  Nifty Shifter JR V1.2s are back!
    – 96 down and 97 up boards are working as intented!
    – V1.2 NS JR Gear Displays have landed with bug fixes and auto dimming!
    – Wiring Diagrams updated for hopefully easier installs!

    – Investigating possible solutions to occasional 98+ CEL performance codes for 97 up v1.2’s design, will need a test vehicle to properly experiment on though.
    – Ideas for a JR Sequential Backpack addon are being looked into for future expandability.


  • Trinity Fan Controllers are back!
    – V2.2 units are in and looking good with a few little fixes and tweaks.

    – 1/8″ NPT Temp Probes are now available which should make tapping them into your current system much easier now!

  • TCU Buddy prototypes are in for Renix AND OBD1 Jeeps for transmission scanning needs. Prototype plug-and-play OBD1 adapter now available.

Current Dev Roadmap:

  • REM II V4 refresh to hold over the chip shortages for V5s.
  • REM II + V5.3 Clock Panel development for the long awaited return of the factory style Renix Scan Tool. 
  • REM II Software Updates to standardize program functionality and more integrated trip tracking gauges to latest gen scanners.
  • Trinity Fan Controller V3 refresh for updated microcontroller and standardising some setup quirks. Possible Integrated Relay adapter as for easier install. (Late 2020 depending on priority)
  • Nifty Shifter Pro V2 development for added functionality / modes, reliability improvements, and user adjustable settings on unit. (Estimated for work to begin early 2021 if the JR Backpack isn’t enough)
  • REM JR model prototype for low budget simple scanning needs. (This one’s more of a pipe dream, maybe 2021 or beyond)
  • REM compatibility with computer software like FenixViewer, XR25, Torque app, or even my own design if I learn a suitable multi-platform language. PC programmers willing to put some time into this are welcomed!