If you’re looking for the Renix Engine Monitor then you’ve come to the right place!
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Last Update: 10/15/19

Current Dev Roadmap:

  • Nifty Shifter JR prototype development to have a simpler market ready product to allow manual shifting of the AW-4 Transmission. (Currently In Testing!)
  • REM II Software Update to add more functionality and readings to latest gen scanners. (Slowly adding and testing features now that my Jeep is running again)
  • REM II + V5.2 Clock Panel development for the long awaited return of the factory finish style Renix Scan Tool. (This will probably be delayed until at least october)
  • Nifty Shifter Pro V2 development for added functionality / modes, reliability improvements, and user adjustable settings on unit. (This one is a wee ways off)
  • REM JR model prototype for low budget simple scanning needs. (This one’s way a ways out)

Current Status:

– Standard REM are back in stock! I’ve ordered a massive batch this time so I should be able to keep up with orders well into 2020!
– Nifty Shifter JR Prototypes are in field testing phase while I learn the quirks!
– Trinity Fan Controllers are good to go and in stock!
– TCU Buddy prototypes are in for Renix AND OBD1 Jeeps for transmission scanning needs.


– REM Clocks are in development limbo while I get my current product lineup settled
– REM Jr idea on back burner until I have ample free time.
– AW-4 Nifty Shifter Pro prototypes currently in long term field testing while I learn all the failure modes and have time for a redesign.