R.E.M. II v4.1 Clock

Time to Shine

After the v3.1 Clock trial run was tested, it was time for a proper overhaul for this much requested version. 50 units were originally order to see how these babies do in the big leagues.

The R.E.M. II v4.1 Clock and Standard versions share the same hardware so they are nearly identical. Fixes include upgrading to v4 hardware, allowing more space for the dash panel, moving the jack and fixing the footprint, moving the buttons closer together, changing to a smaller 7 Seg controller, flipping the USB port in and adding a cut out for an external USB port; on top of all the standard v4.1 fixes as well.

The R.E.M. II v4.1 Clocks main differences over the Standard include the different form factor to fit into the dash, a Seven Segment Clock display to always show the time, and a lack of onboard MicroSD Card support.

  • New Features:
    – Better Dash Fitment
    – Faster CPU Speed
    – Free Pins have more functions
    – Signal Output for experimental tuning
    – Gold plated terminals
  • Features:
    – 87-90 4.0L M/T & A/T ECU Support
    – 86-90 2.5L M/T & A/T ECU Support
    – AW-4 TCU Support
    – 16×2 RGB LCD
    – Check Engine Light
    – Auto Dimming Display
    – o2 Heater Relay reading
    – RTC clock module
    – Seven Segment Clock
    – Power and Jack breakout pins
    – 3 Arduino breakout pins for Inputs or Outputs
    – Surface Mount components
    – Fused Circuit Protection
    – PJRC Teensy 3.2
    – PCB Diagnostic Adapter
    – Original Price: $125
  • Compatible Upgrades
    – Optional SD or MicroSD Card Slot
    – Optional Bluetooth Module
    – Optional Gyroscope
    – Optional In/Out port and Relay Control for Adapter
  • Known Bugs
    – Ethernet Jack pins are Backwards, REQUIRES supplied custom flip adapter to work. (WARNING: The Teensy IC will be destroyed if the unit is plugged in without the adapter and Fan Pin A3 is jumped)
    – Main Voltage Regulator is undersized and overheats under heavy loads. Set Clock to MED or lower in Clock menu, or upgrade the regulator here.
    – Text will blank out due to above, LCD Contrast is very sensitive to voltage change.
    – BlueTooth may stop working until a power reset due to above.