AW4 Nifty Shifter JR V1.3 (96 Down) FINAL BUY

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The Ultimate Plug-&-Play Manual Shift Controller for your AW-4 equipped Jeep!

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NOTE: Lead time may take up to 2 Weeks to ship due to increased workload around the shop.

FINAL ORDER NOTICE! My supply of 96 down factor connectors is running out and is no longer being produced by the manufacture. Once stock is depleted, I will no longer be able to produce this as a plug and play product so don’t wait!

This is Plug-&-Play compatible with 1986-1996 Jeeps equipped with the AW-4 Auto Transmission. For 97 Up, click here!

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Quick Start Guide:


– Display shows Current Gear and Torque Converter Lock at all times.
1 inch is better for everyday use, while the 2 inch monster is better for racing or serious applications.

– ACC Display Switch is a bonus switch that the user can wire up to any input they like.

– If you are using the Power/Comfort switch to activate Manual Mode, Power Switch Mode sets what mode the transmission will be in for Auto Mode.

– Alt Shifter Mode sets what type of custom shifter the Nifty Shifter will accept. 4 Gear Mode gives access to all gears for normal joysticks or switched. RADesigns Rail Shifter requires 2-way support to be set if this will be used instead.


– Plug-&-Play factory connectors for a No-Cut install

– Full Manual Shifting at the flip of a switch

– Smart Circuitry keeps the CEL light off in Manual Mode and prevents limp mode in Auto.

– Use the factory PRNDL Shifter or Custom Inputs for shifting

– Optional Display shows Current Gear and TC Lock

– Supports the RADesigns Rail Shifter



The Nifty Shifter JR V1 is a Passthrough Manual Shift Controller designed for the Jeep AW-4 Automatic Transmission. This Plug-&-Play controller attaches to the Transmission Computer to give you Manual Control at the flip of a switch and shift it any way you like!

In Auto Mode, your transmission will shift normally, allowing for a permanent and painless install.

In Manual Mode, the user takes full manual control with a couple of shifter types! The Nifty Shifter can use custom switches/joysticks or the Factory PRND31 Shifter to select and hold each gear for a clean and functional solution!

The provided ribbon cable allows you to wire up any kind of switch, button, joystick, or contact you wish for your custom controlling needs. Selection Switches on the controller let you easily configure the shifter settings on the go.

Available Inputs:

– Gears 1, 2, 3, 4

– Torque Converter Lock Up

– Auto/Manual mode

– Overdrive Mode (Factory Shifter mode only, allows 2,3,4 instead of 1,2,3)

– Manual Bypass Mode (Gearbox mode only, allows gear switch to also activate manual mode)

Selection Switch configurations:

Shifter Type Switch:

Factory Shifter mode

– Uses the vehicles shifter to manually select gears (Requires working NSS)

– Minimal install required, Engine Braking available in every gear

Gearbox mode

– Uses separate inputs like a 4-speed manual transmission

– Custom setup required but gives you more control

– If optional Jumpers are set, can accept a RADesigns Rail Shifter instead

Manual Power Switch:

Uses the factory Power/Comfort Switch as the Manual Switch Input (if equipped.)

Off uses a separate Manual Switch

On uses the Power Switch (Comfort: Auto Mode,  Power: Manual Mode)

Torque Converter Mode:

Selects how the TC is controlled

– Off is Separate mode (Auto Mode: TCU, Manual Mode: Switch)

– On is Shared mode (TCU always controls TC, can also activate with manual tc switch)

Optional Screen:

– LED Single-Digit display shows Current Gear and TC Lock

– Optional ACC Switch can be wired to any ribbon cable input for a Ready-To-Run setup

– Designed as a self-sufficient module, so technically this could be wired directly to the TCU without a Nifty Shifter needed

In the Box:

– Nifty Shifter JR shift controller

– Ribbon Cable for switch wiring

– Optional Gear Display

– Instruction Manual

Notes about the AW-4 Transmission:

The Aisin Warner AW-4 4-Speed Auto Trans has 4 available gears to pick from with 4th being overdrive, as well as an electronically controlled Torque Converter Lock-up. Available Gears and Engine Braking are MECHANICALLY LIMITED and depends on the Factory Shifter Position.

Engine Braking is useful for controlled descent down hills and slowing down without using the brakes. Without Engine Braking, the engine will free spin like a bicycle if the transmission is spinning faster then it. This means you could shift into 1st on the highway and your engine would just sit at an idle, while revving it would never spin fast enough to push the transmission, just as shifting a mountain bike to 1st would require pedaling ridiculously fast to keep pushing the bike. If the factory shifter was put into D1-2 on the highway though, Engine Braking would be active and you’d be having a really bad day.

The Throttle Valve Cable connected to the Throttle Body controls shift pressure so the harder the pedal is pushed, the harder the transmission is shifted. Making sure this is properly adjusted will provide a better shifting experience.

Available Gear Map:

(Gears not listed are mechanically not possible to shift into)

– Drive = 1, 2, 3, 4

– 3rd = 1, 2, 3

– 1-2 = 1, 2

Engine Braking Map:

(Gears not listed will engine free spin when you let off the gas)

– Drive = 3, 4

– 3rd = 2, 3

– 1-2 = 1, 2

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in
Power Switch Mode

Auto in Power (Default), Auto in Comfort

Alt Shifter Mode

4 Gear Input (Default), RAD Rail Input

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  1. Josh Brljevich (verified owner)

    This product is amazing ive been running it for a little over 2 years now absolutely changed my jeep its amazing highly recommend

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