Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • What is a Renix Engine Monitor?
    It’s a homemade Scan Tool designed for Renix Equipped Jeeps.
    It reads data from the vehicle to give sensor readouts and helpful diagnostic tips.
    This v3 Demo Video gives a good product overview
  • Which vehicles does Renix Engine Monitor work with?
    It’s always best to check the specs of the latest model but as of v4 the REM can read:
    – 1987 to 1990 Renix Jeep 4.0L ECU’s w/ Auto or Manual Transmission
    – 1986 to 1990 Renix Jeep 2.5L ECU’s w/ Auto or Manual Transmission
    – 1986 to 1990 Renix Jeep AW-4 TCU’s
  • Can the REM read Diagnostic Trouble Codes?
    The Renix ECU’s do NOT store or throw DTC Codes or blink any Check Engine Lights so they are limited to Live Data only.
    I have added a Fake CEL that will come on if it detects sensors out of range though.
    The AW-4 TCU’s have very limited DTC’s that the REM can read.
  • Will this work on OBD 1 or OBD 2?
    Currently the REM is only designed to work on Renix Equipped Jeeps.
    For OBD 2, I recommend looking at a ScanGauge II for a similar product.
    There is a small chance that TCU protocol is the same one OBD 1, but a custom adapter would be needed.
  • Ok, so what EXACTLY can the REM show me?
    Alright…. you asked for it…
    – MAP Sensor and Engine Vacuum
    – Coolant and Intake Air Temperature
    – Engine RPM
    – Battery Voltage
    – Oxygen Sensor and Heater Relay Voltage
    – EGR Status
    – ECU Loop and Run Modes
    – Throttle Position Sensor
    – Engine Ignition Advance
    – Knock Sensor
    – Injector Pulsewidth
    – Injector Duty Cycle
    – Distributor Sync Sensor
    – Short Term and Long Term Fuel Trims
    – A/C Mode, Request, & Clutch
    – Current GPH / LPH
    – Current Time & Date
    – ECU Version

    + (On A/T Vehicles only)
    – Transmission RPM
    – MPH / KPH
    – Current MPG / LHK
    – Solenoid Status
    – Transmission TPS Steps
    – Gear Shifter Position
    – Current Gear
    – Brake Switch
    – Power/Comfort Switch
    – TCU Error Codes

Ordering Info

  • How can I buy one?!
    Since I hand make these, REM’s are sold in batches when they are available.
    When REMs are in stock, they will be available through Etsy, Ebay, and Paypal.
    If there aren’t any obvious links, Check the Facebook Page and Message me!
  • Where do you ship / What’s the cost?
    Shipping is free in the States and goes through USPS.
    I ship Internationally as well, but full shipping cost is charged.
  • Do I need to buy an Adapter or other pieces?
    All REM orders come with a Renix Adapter and 10ft of Ethernet cord so they are plug and play right out of the box! Manual and Velcro are also included!