My name’s Nick and I welcome you to my humble abode. Just a dude in his workshop who handmakes some wicked cool creations from scratch. This is a branch off of my YouTube Channel NickInTimeFilms where I make cool Jeep based tech projects to share with the masses!

Still a wee lad learning the ropes in product development, circuit design, coding, and generally running an entire business by myself. Started out with an old breadboard and basic soldering skills and have slowly shaped that into a full fledged niche market I work on today.

My motto has always been to have fun with it, and that has held true thus far. It’s enjoyable to see that my projects are helping out others in diagnosing their issues or just keeping an eye on things. I try to keep this less “business” and more a fun side hobby that keeps me busy while I learn more about the systems I’m working on.