Renix Engine Monitor II + (V5.2)


The Ultimate Renix Jeep Scan Tool has arrived!

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REM’s are OUT OF STOCK. New batch should be assembled and ready for shipment by the beginning of September 2019. Thanks for your patience! 

Usually ships in 1-2 business days if everything is in stock.

NOTE: This IS NOT the clock panel version and will not fit in the dash panel.

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Have a 1986-1990 2.5L or 1987-1990 4.0L Jeep with Renix EFI and 15 pin Diagnostic Port? Old Jeepers unite, the REM is here for your diagnostic needs!

The REM is a Plug-and-Play homebrew scantool decked out with the latest tech to read in your Renix Jeeps Engine and Transmission computers’ data for a wealth of information on all the various sensors and readings throughout! A Check Engine Light has been added to alert of possible sensor issues or failures. By combining Transmission and Engine data you can even keep an eye on fuel economy! With included USB port or Micro SD card slot, data logging will be available to diagnose troublesome issues off vehicle as well.

But I couldn’t just stop there; this Open Source and Mod Friendly device is fully compatible with Arduino and includes a wealth of bonus features like a 3 Ch Fan Relay Controller, Analog Voltage and Resistance Reading, and a Signal Generator for low level piggyback engine tuning! A lot of new features and software are constantly being developed to create the ultimate car-puter device for your old Jeep!


– Portable Plug-&-Play Scan Tool that can be used anywhere!

– Shows Live Engine Data and Reports basic sensor faults

– Shows Live Transmission Data and TCU Error Codes

– Check Engine Light alerts when faults are detected

– Auto-dimming RGB LCD Screen can display 4 readings at once

– Helpful diagnostic tips and Description booklet included

– Built-in 3 channel Fan Relay controller for running custom setups

– Micro SD Slot for future datalogging

– Micro USB port for datalogging and software updates


Bluetooth Module: Remotely monitor live data on an android phone with XJBlueTalk App

Gyroscope Module: View the vehicles current Roll and Tilt for extreme off-camber situations. (Accelerometer and Magnetometer features not explored yet)

Bonus Mod Jack: Adds a 6-pin jack and pigtail to the REM to access additional modding capability. This gives access to a fused 5v Rail, Ground, 2x 5v analog inputs, 1x low current relay driver, and an empty pin to be customized. This would be useful for interfacing with in-vehicle things like custom gauges(wideband or other), custom sensors(fuel pressure or other), or turn things on or off(Like a dash light or small relay.)

DMM Jack Adapter: Adds a Banana Jack in the Diagnostic Adapter so the REM can easily measure Voltage or Resistance with included probe like a Digital Multimeter (This feature is still in beta)

In the box:

– REM II+ Scan Tool

– REM Diagnostic Adapter

– 10′ Ethernet Cord

– Velcro

– Quick Start Manual

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1.2 × 2 in


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