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NOTE: Every REM order comes with 1 adapter, these are only extras!

4/23/20 UPDATE: Stock Adapters now included ABS adapter pin to read in factory ABS. Software Update required for support.

Got a craving for more diagnostic needs? Got more Jeeps then Hands? Like Spare Parts? All your needs can be fulfilled here with extra diagnostic adapters!

These custom-made adapters interface with the Renix 15 pin Diagnostic Connector found in the engine bay of compatible vehicles. An Ethernet Jack is used to connect this adapter to supported Renix Engine Monitors (REM) only and should never be plugged into computer or modem ethernet ports.

Adapter pinouts have been kept standardized through all REM models and are split into a few categories:

REM Model: Check your REM to make sure the right version is selected.

– REM II and older: Fan Control hardware is in the adapter

– REM II+: DMM hardware is in the adapter, Fan Control only needs stock adapter.


Upgrades: Used to interface custom circuits into the REM (Ask about possibilities if you have questions!)

Stock: Includes extra side port

MAXED: Includes DMM Jack/Probes or Fan Control depending on model

NOTE: REM II and older models may possibly overheat with fan control active, so the upgraded regulator fix is highly recommended for reliable use.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in


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