Renduinx II V9.00 is a go!

TL;DR: Renduinix V9.00 is finally live for testing!

Alright, I’m starting to get sick of this update so I think it’s time to go public! As usual, with new code comes a new possibility for bugs, so consider this beta until it’s been proven in the wild. This will work for all REM II + models (V5 – V5.2.) Available on the Downloads page!

If you like the idea of testing new features with the possibility of issues or glitches then give it a go! If you’d like to stay on the safe side, give it a few weeks and see if other users report issues which I can make a hotfix for and release afterwards. You can always go back to older software if needed!

So, onto the goods. For those that don’t know, the REM runs off my custom written Renduinix software and the last time this got a major update was nearly a year ago with v0.891! Since then I’ve wanted to make some major revisions and updates to really fill out the software, so you can consider this update to be a bit of an overhaul. To reflect that, we are finally on to V9.00 baby! No more are the days of beta software numbering, we’re moving up to the real deal.

The short and sweet is that V9.00 is awesome. I’ve added brand new features such as “Readings,” “Tests,” and finally super basic DMM support. I’ve changed up and unified some major menu structures so settings should be much more fluent to navigate. ECU data reading is smarter, and I’ve completely reworked how CELs are detected though I’m unsure how stable this feature is yet. Some readings have more options such as RPM Rounding, Fuel Trim Zeroing, and the A/C gauges has been combined. This is also the first official update to support reading the Bendix 9 ABS system, though a special Renix adapter will be required to make the physical connection. Support for 2.5L TCUs should also work now!

Diving a little deeper, the Readings page should be a welcome sight for deeper diagnostics. All available readings are displayed in a scrollable list and some are broken down into multiple types so you can see things like MAP Pressure as well as MAP Voltage. Scrolling all the way down, you will find Native Error Codes for the selected device which is something I haven’t seen any other Renix scan tool do! These don’t trigger the CEL yet, but it’s worth scrolling down to see what your ECU is detecting, you might be surprised!

Tests is a fun new menu that incorporates some visual diagnostics for a couple sensors. You can monitor if your TPS is working and in sync between ECU and TCU, same for the NSS too! For anyone running the Wideband converter, I’ve added a mode to test if the Output signal is matching the ECUs o2 input so there is less guess work (this only works with the engine running because Renix is goofy)! Side note, my custom Wideband Closed Loop Helper code is also included, so if the ECU is about to fail from a rich condition, the AFR target is automatically adjusted to compensate and will slowly increase back to target when possible!

I finally threw together a really basic DMM mode because a lot of folks ordered that option but haven’t been able to make use of it yet! You can now switch between Volts or Ohms view. You have a live graphing output, a Max reading which can be reset, as well as the option to pause the screen if you wish to temporarily save a reading.

A personal little milestone of mine was completely reworking how ECU data parsing is done. Phil’s code was a great starting point, but it’s shortcomings always nagged at me for not being “proper.” Now it’s not limited by needing to know the ECUs program number, nor the exact stream length. It processes the Renix Protocol the way it should properly be handled, and could even handle a dynamic stream length if needed. It also doesn’t have to oversample in hopes of catching the whole stream, so consider it more efficient and precise! It also processes data as it arrives, rather than waiting for the entire frame which could technically be used to progressively update the data, but this would probably be annoying and only useful for logging purposes.

There’s also a lot of little background code refactoring as I try to make it less of a disaster. Button code has been revamped to be cleaner and allow easy support for hold repeating! I’ve tried to unify how special menus works and display, as well as having less hidden options so it’s easier to see what there is to adjust. Overall this is a massive step towards a super decked out scanner, so I’m curious to see what everyone thinks!

Renduinx II V9.00 Update Log: (I’m sure there’s some other little things but you get the idea)

  • Revamped ECU data parsing (Dynamic and Live Processing for 100% proper reading)
  • SD data logging test code (Not Active Yet)
  • fixed MAP diagnose page (Skipped before)
  • added Sensor Readings and Sensor Tests Menu
  • added wideband closed loop helper (variable AFR target if closed loop is about to fail)
  • usb passthrough mode no longer emulated (Echos exact data and timing now)
  • added ABS support (Requires new ABS Renix Adapter)
  • additional readings in readings menu (and Native Error Codes!)
  • fixed spark retard zeroing (Knock bit helps with data sync calc issues)
  • unified button check func (much easier to write, but can cause downstream skips if not paying attention)
  • rpm rounding and fuel trim zero options
  • signal out test menu for Wideband
  • CEL Routine Overhaul (In Beta)
  • CEL History test code (Not Active Yet)
  • Fixed Fan A/C trigger issue
  • restructured options menus (Scrolling)
  • proper button repeating (Saves your fingers)
  • combo A/C gauge
  • removed combo loop gauge (pretty useless legacy idea)
  • added menu back option (helps menu navigation a lot)
  • basic DMM support (Ohms are going to be off a bit)
  • removed nss from gauge screen (cleaning up test code)