Renduinix Proof-of-Concept

Where it all began

I’ve messed with little components and small projects here and there, but this right here is the big leagues. Microcontrollers, Coding, Serial Protocols? I was in way over my head, but no better day to learn then today.

I sat down and carefully took notes of all the basics of coding language and slowly chipped away until I could make enough headway to start on an interesting prototype idea I had. I stumbled upon the work of Phil Andrews and his RenixComm software he wrote for his Renault GTA and I was curious if it could work for the Jeep Renix systems too.

After cobbling together a breadboard mess of some wires and components, I was off to see if Phils code worked and low and behold it actually did! Granted some of the readings were wrong for the Jeep, but data is data man! Through countless hours of reading up different techniques and sometimes getting stuck on oddities for weeks at a time, I slowly learned my way around the blasted Renix Protocols as I developed the Renduinix project.

  • Features:
    – 87-90 4.0L M/T & A/T ECU Support
    – 16×2 LCD Keypad Shield
    – Arduino Uno
    – Breadboard mess of componets

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