Renduinix II V0.88 update, the Data is in!

Oh me oh my, goodies inbound! Renduinix II V0.88 is finally ready! Links in the website.
So, what’s new you may ask, well the answer is lots! Correct data across the board, New 2.5L gauge, Fill-up fixes, CEL Tracking menu, and diagnose menu overhaul. This update was more of a cleanup since my codes been getting pretty messy, so now things are starting to look a bit more palatable in the important areas.
Due to all my recent bit hunting, I actually found a few bugs in my old data code, and even found some new readings as well! EGR should now display correctly for the first time ever (can 2.5L guys confirm this?) and I even found a bit related to the 2.5L Power Steering Pump High Pressure Switch which is awesome so you can watch that go high and low on the gauge page. Now that I’m using BitReads and properly splitting the 2.5L/4.0L streams, it’s much easier to keep track and update them as needed.
The Fuel-up menu has gotten some background fixes, and now displays the consumption error as a base zero instead of 100. I have also added the option for manual or no fuel correction in the vehicle menu now incase the fill-up code is still wonky. Hopefully fixed NSS based saving triggers, but I’m still not sure how much more accurate it makes anything.
I think I may have finally nailed my stupid lean start-up issue with my wideband converter code. Pretty sure it was going closed loop before the sensor was ready, and it defaults rich so the ECU was leaning the hell out of it to try and get a change that would never happen. Now if no signal is present it will default lean so it will run rich instead of lean and you can at least drive it.
TCU Screen has been slightly adjusted so the Error bytes in the bottom will now read the number of errors, not the raw byte, and the TCU error screen is hopefully not buggy when scrolling anymore. The GEAR gauge has been updated to show the Torque Converter Lock-up as well for a more useful reading.
The first page of Diagnose now features the newly added REM Code Tracker which will show why that pesky CEL is actually on now! Hitting “i” will bring you to the ECU error screen so you can scroll through previous and current codes that were stored during the current trip. This will probably need some extra tuning so don’t loose your mind over it for now, but take a look and see what you find. I will be adding more advanced errors to this in the next update.
I have updated the CEL to run on all menus now, with the only exception being that in the TCU screen it will only be for TCU and in the diagnose menu it will only light up if the currently selected sensor is acting up. It can still be tuned or shut-off if needed.
The Diagnose menu has gotten a bit of an overhaul with newly discovered mystery bits and other useful readings being scattered through out. It’s not as clean looking, but I think not having to switch pages is worth having more data. The CTS and IAT now show some weird offset variable for what it’s worth. 4.0L guys get an experimental Spark Retard reading which is using a knock mask mystery byte i found. It will show a K when the knock bit is active. There is also the Injector Warmup offset displayed so you can see why cold startup is so obnoxiously rich. 2.5L guys get an RPM offset which may be useful if yours doesn’t want to idle occasionally, and I think some sort of ISM offset so you can watch it play with the TPS.
The Mystery Bytes page has been overhauled to show remaining mysteries as well as Mystery BITs now too. Each byte can hold 8 Bits, which will correlate to 8 boxes that will light up when they read 1. If you care, they are in LSB order with the top row starting from bit 7 and the bottom row starting from bit 3. 2.5L and 4.0L will also show their appropriate mysteries too!
The Detected ECU page has been updated to BitReads and RAW bits for 2.5L. 2.5L guys, if you could tell me your vehicle specs and the number it reads, maybe I can figure out what they actually mean!
In the littler things, I’ve been switching to more function based coding which makes the front end look a little more readable. I have updated LCD character creation a bit so the Temp chars only take up 1 CG Ram spot now, and Arrows have been switched over to the LCD library versions to save 2 more spots. I also adjusted a TCU port value so now everything is finally in one little chunk of code so porting between v4 and v4.1 is a snap and a clock speed change now.
There’s still a lot more to be done, but this seems like a good stopping point for now. I’ve just been feeling guilty that not all the readings have been accurate until now, but hopefully this is the update to finally fix that! Well, as always, let me know what you think and if you find any bugs! Guess I’m out of excuses so I think it’s high time I finally start work on V5 next week!
Renduinix II V0.88 Plus Update Log:
– fixed NSS based fuel saving
– AFR 1 dec
– fill-up menu fixes
– Wideband defaults to Lean
– Separate 4.0L/2.5L calcs
– Fixed EGR
– switched calcs to bitRead
– updated TCU stream
– Functions Tab
– cleaned up Get_Data
– updated TCU error display
– updated Gear gauge
– updated Mystery Bytes
– Digital Bytes display as bit symbols
– added User Fuel Cal option
– added trip ECU CEL Error memory
– Diagnose menu updated
– 2.5L PS Sw Gauge added
– CEL runs on all screens
– tidier createChar code
– easier porting defines

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