REM Version History

Youtube v4.1 Overview Video

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October 2017 Product Line-Up:

– REM II v4.1 Standard: $110 (SOLD OUT)

– REM II v4.1 Clock Panel: $125 (SOLD OUT)
(Clock available in Green, Red, and Yellow)

Each REM order comes with a Renix Adapter, 10′ Ethernet Cable, and User Manual.

Note: Shipping is free to U.S. Customers with the purchase of an REM.
International Shipping is also available but full price will be charged.
USPS Priority Mail International ranges from $22 – $34 depending on location.


For Clock Panel Models:

– Clock Panel Dual Switch Cut-Outs: $0 – $5
Adds 2 switch cut-outs to the lower panel to fit factory switches or other similar sized ones. Hole Size measures 36.5mm x 20.5mm.
(Custom size and number of holes can be orders as well for extra, Panel Size is 40.5mm H x 63.5mm W.)

– Clock Panel SD or MicroSD Slot: $15
Custom Slot holder is printed and wired in to be used for future data logging. Footprint overlaps Switch Cut-outs, so microSD slot has to be mounted sideways between switches if you really want both.
(Note: Standard REM II comes stock with MicroSD Slot)

For all Models:

Bluetooth Module: $15
Lets the REM II connect to an Android Phone and displays live readings on the XJBlueTalk App available on Google Play Store

Gyroscope Module: $15
Experimental, will allow for future Roll/Tilt, Acceleration, and possibly Compass Gauges

– In/Out Port Adapter Upgrade: $5
Used to access the 3 free pins of the REM II from the Renix Adapter. They can be used to read in voltages like sensors or they can be setup to control Relays for Fans or other cool projects.
(Built to order, 3 pins available, select how many Fan pins are wanted and how many Inputs are wanted.)

– Reverse Facing Adapter Upgrade: $5
Jack faces the firewall instead of facing forward. (Does NOT have any In/Out circuitry in it.)

– Extra Adapter: $10
All REM purchases come with one adapter, but you can get more if you want.

– Extra 10′ Ethernet Cable: $5