Hardware Changelog

Nerd Notes going over changes in Hardware Design Revisions.


REM II + v5.0
Launched August 2018
Revision Announcement
85% Progress Update
Full Design Change Log
Initial Bug Report


  • Teensy 3.2 Architecture fully embedded into main board
  • 5v Switching Regulator to combat heat issues of previous underpowered linear design
  • In/Out System overhaul includes more features, uses DIP switches for mode selection
  • Switched to Teensys RTC system with much larger replaceable battery compared to previous finikey DS3231 modules
  • Discrete Relay Driver chip for proper Fan Relay control
  • Proper high side LED backlight drivers to provide max current and take load off of chip pins
  • Optional 6 pin Nano-Fit MOD Jack on REM for more custom projects
  • 12V Ignition analog sense line
  • Proper rail-to-rail Op Amp for signal generator
  • Data line buffers and current limiting added
  • DMM Renix Adapter option
  • Other little system tweaks


  • micro SD slot wired backwards (compact slots bodged in to work)
  • backlight transistor footprint backwards
  • data buffers only 5v tolerant
  • experimental 12v battery switch non functional
  • Relay Driver pin interfered with initial bootloader functionality

REM II+ V5.1
Launched November 2018

REM II+ V5.2
Launched December 2018

REM II+ V5.3
Launched June 2020