Renduinix v0.85 + v4.1 Update

ALRGIHT, Time for the first Renduinix Update for REM II v4.1 models! I have spent literally the last 3 days straight coding some serious overhauls to really get these working right and now my brain hurts, a lot. There are LOTS of fixes here that I’ll go over at the bottom.

The first batch is always the bug test phase, so it doesn’t always pay to be first up 😉 Lots of fixes to help with buggy clock displays, some menu rearranging, and a proper Gyroscope Gauge now(In BETA)!

SUPER IMPORTANT, let me know if you find any new bugs so I can fix them! Even the littlest issues!

Update procedure video here:

NOW, this is gonna kinda suck for Clock Model guys because you will have to take it out of your dash to push the white upload button on the back.

Well, unless you want to try the hard method of compiling and updating through arduino instead. It’s not too bad, but a lot more steps and installing.

The GOOD news is that I have coded in a menu to reboot the REM in this update, so future updates WILL NOT require taking the Clock out of the dash, yay!

Renduinix v0.850+ V4.1 Update Log **************

– Fixed ECU stream not fully reading in (noticeable on AC gauges when vehicle is off)

– added usb serial output (USB ECU Data Logging! Uses Baud of 115200)

– added Settings subpage (options are easier to find now)

– i2c reset runs in loop now (Should fix Clocks not turning on)

– Clock can display 24 hour time now

– Clock updates with minute & hour change now

– revamped Time display code

– revamped Fan control with pin selection

– added usb upload reboot option (No more need to push the White Upload Button now)

– rtc poll throttling (Gives the i2c lines some breathing room, hopefully less chance for RTCs to bug out)

– clock auto dimming (Requires Screen Dimming to be on)

– option to separate GPH/LPH & MPG/LHK gauges

– auto dim averaging (even less likely to flicker now)

– proper Gyroscope roll/tilt gauge with offset options and averaging (THIS IS IN BETA, sometimes gauge won’t read, something to do with the goofy library, idk yet. Works great when it works though!)

ENJOY, and as always, let me know what you think! Feedback is important! Time to get caught up on pre-order assembly now…

REM II V4.1 In Da House!



Awwwweeeeeeee heck yeah! Boards came in early and they look GORGEOUS! Still gotta order parts, make case revisions, and also make sure they work, but then I can get some mass production on! Hopefully they will be up for sale in a week or two.

We’ve got REM II v4.1 in Standard and Clock form, plus the Forward-Facing In/Out Adapters and the new Reverse-Facing Regular Adapters now.